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Los Clásicos Brew Bundle

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Dive into our world of sustainable, specialty coffee.

A special bundle curated by us to make it fun and easy to get started on your coffee journey, or perfect as a gift for a coffee lover. We chose the cafetière as it is easier to use, clean, and store than any other coffee maker! The bundle includes 3x 200g bags of our three must-have coffees, free shipping. 


1 x Bodum 3 Cup French Press

1 x Brazil El Dorado (200g)

1 x Pachamama Blend (200g)

1 x Colombia Finca La Primavera (200g)

Coffee is ready ground for the french press and free shipping is included.

Coffee Story

great way to discover your favourite flavours and coffee roast profiles. The Los Clásicos bundle includes 3x 200g bags of our three must-have coffees.

Brazil El Dorado: Notes of chocolate, malted milk biscuit and soft caramel. A natural processed coffee from the El Dorado farms in the region of Alto Mogiana. Medium dark roast.

Pachamama Blend: Notes of chocolate truffle and toasted macadamia nut. Our flagship blend comprised of two beans: our Brazilian El Dorado and Peruvian Gonzilla. Medium dark roast.

Colombia Finca La Primavera: Notes of soft clementine, nutty and muscovado sweetness. From Finca Primavera in Huila, Southwestern Colombia, owned by Arnulfo Leguizamo. Medium roast.

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