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Los Clásicos Bundle

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Take your taste buds on a journey with us.

great way to discover your favourite flavours and coffee roast profiles. The bundle includes 3x 200g bags of our three must-have coffees.


Brazil El Dorado: Notes of chocolate, malted milk biscuit and soft caramel. A natural processed coffee from the El Dorado farms in the region of Alto Mogiana. Medium dark roast.

Pachamama Blend: Notes of chocolate truffle and toasted macadamia nut. Our flagship blend comprised of two beans: our Brazilian El Dorado and Peruvian Gonzilla. Medium dark roast.

Colombia Finca La Primavera: Notes of soft clementine, nutty and muscovado sweetness. From Finca Primavera in Huila, Southwestern Colombia, owned by Arnulfo Leguizamo. Medium roast.


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