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How To Make The Perfect Iced Coffee

How To Make The Perfect Iced Coffee

As the summer gets into full swing, here's a quick guide to making a perfect iced coffee recipe to tide you over during the heatwave! Whether it's a french press, filter cone, moka pot or espresso machine you've got on hand, we've got you covered. 

The Perfect Iced Coffee

(Serves 1)

We usually recommend around 17 - 18g of coffee per person, ground according to how you will brew it. You can check out our full range here where you'll be able to choose your grind size. 

  • Using a french press
If you've got a french press to hand, we recommend brewing 17 - 18g of coffee to 200ml of hot water. Pop some coffee into your press and add hot water off the boil. Brew for 4 minutes then plunge. Prepare 80g of ice in a glass, pour and enjoy.
  • Using a filter cone

With a filter cone, this is a perfect opportunity to make an iced filter! Prepare your cone, filter paper and hot water (make sure to rinse the filter paper once placed in the cone with hot water over the sink). Pop your filter over your glass or decanter with 200g of ice inside already and place on a scale. Place your ground coffee in the cone and pour over hot water as your usual method until you reach 300g. Serve with more ice and enjoy.

  • Using an espresso machine or moka pot

If you've got a moka pot or espresso machine at home, we recommend making your espresso as desired. There are various ways you can make espresso, but the rule of thumb for a double shot is usually 17 - 18g of coffee. Once you've got your espresso ready, simply add to a glass of ice and serve. 

We love our iced coffees black, or with oat milk! Ultimately, it's totally up to you and your preferences. We hope that helps and stay sun safe! For our full range of coffees, visit our shop here.

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