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5 Ways Coffee Can Boost Happiness, Health and Productivity in the Workplace

5 Ways Coffee Can Boost Happiness, Health and Productivity in the Workplace

Every day, thousands of cups of coffee are consumed across the U.K., with the average British worker drinking almost 25,000 cups of it across their career. That’s a lot of coffee! 

It’s no surprise that it forms one of the most important parts of any company culture – according to the Open Sourced Workplace, 89% of 843 surveyed workplaces stated that a good cup of coffee can make an entire workday happy and productive.

Here are 5 benefits having great coffee in the workplace can bring:

  1. Encourages staff to spend more time connecting with each other over coffee in the office as opposed to needing to go out and spend their own money. Sometimes great ideas are created over a coffee and conversation! Also a wonderful way to win over clients and boost happiness levels all round. 

  2. Specialty coffee is healthier for your workforce – it’s a significant source of antioxidants and it has also been proven that coffee-drinkers live longer than non-coffee drinkers, even if they're sipping on decaf coffee. What’s more, since coffee undergoes a fermentation process, it can also improve gut health.

  3. Extensive research has shown that caffeine consumption in the morning is linked with an increase in alertness, concentration, and performance. It’s ideal for boosting productivity, along with mood and energy levels.

  4. Coffee can make your employees happier, literally. Its dopamine-releasing properties make us feel happier because it is able to tap into virtually every reward system. Investing into great coffee will equal a happier work culture and environment. Win win.

  5. Working with a coffee brand like ours that is plastic-free, sustainable and female-founded shows you’re a forward-thinking company. It helps elevate both your ESG and Net Zero targets, plus its a great talking point for staff and clients. Don’t forget the part about Alan the alpaca as well – he’s the star of the show (life-size Alan in your office anyone?).

Want to become a winning employer by implementing delicious, sustainable, specialty coffee in your office? Book a free consultation call with us here.

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