How To Make Moka Pot Coffee

The moka pot is a classic brewing method with Italian origins - it's easy to use and produces phenomenal espresso using steam pressure and heat to create a strong coffee concentrate. Here's a guide on how to brew perfect espresso using a moka pot. 


moka pot brew guide

You'll need


  1. Pop your kettle on and once boiled, fill the bottom compartment of your moka pot with hot water until it reaches the release valve.

  2. Add in 3 - 4 teaspoons of espresso ground coffee into the filter basket, enough to form a small pile.

  3. Lightly tap the basket on a flat surface to allow the coffee to settle, but do not compress it.

  4. Carefully place the basket into the bottom compartment with hot water being careful not to burn yourself.

  5. Use a kitchen towel to hold the bottom as you screw the upper collection chamber on.

  6. Place the moka pot on your stove and keep the heat on medium-low.

  7. Once coffee starts pouring into the upper chamber, wait 20 - 30 seconds before taking off the heat. 

  8. Pour immediately into your desired cup, or if you wish to wait before pouring, cool down the bottom chamber in cold water to stop the coffee from "cooking" further. Enjoy!

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