Making the Perfect Pour Over Coffee

The pour over method is a simple way to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Not only does it help accentuate the subtle notes in a coffee you may otherwise miss, this method also produces a clean and consistent cup each time. Here's what you will need to make great pour over coffee a part of your routine. 

pour over coffee guide

You'll need:

  • Drip cone
  • Filter papers
  • Digital scales
  • A kettle
  • 17g ground coffee (medium-fine)


1. Weigh out your coffee, we recommend 17g, however adjust according to taste.

2. Fold your filter paper along the seams to allow it to sit easily inside your cone.

3. Put your kettle to boil with 400-500ml of water, enough to heat your cup and cone.

4. Pour your freshly boiled water over your paper filter to rinse, and pre-heat your cone and cup.

5. Once drained, throw out the water in your cup. Place cone and cup on your scale.

6. Add the coffee into your cone and shake so that the grounds level out.

7. Switch on or tare off your weight so that you see 0g on your display.

8. To bloom your coffee, start your 20 second timer as you start to pour the water over your coffee grounds. You should aim to pour around 34-47.5g of water, or a 2-2.5:1 ratio of water to coffee. Let the coffee bloom.

9. Once your 20 second timer is up, pour hot water slowly and steadily in a clockwise rotation till you scale goes from your 34-47.5g reading to the 200g mark.

10. When the water in your cone drains a third of the way, pour more hot water until your dial reads 290-300g mark.

11. Give your cone a carefully shimmy to catch any coffee grounds that may have become stuck to the side of the filter paper, this ensures all the coffee settles to the bottom of the cone for a better extraction.

12. Once all the water has drained, remove the cone from your mug. Sit back and enjoy your perfect pour over coffee!


    We highly recommend our Colombian single origin coffee for this brew method, with tasting notes of chocolate Swiss roll and a finish of Demerara sugar. All our packaging is 100% plastic free and home compostable.

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