6 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Christmas

It's that time of year again - family gatherings (maybe from a distance), presents and large quantities of food - we're talking about Christmas of course! Though one of the most festive and wonderful seasons of the year, Christmas is also one of the most wasteful. 

"Did you know 125,000 tonnes of plastic packaging will be thrown out, rather than recycled?" – Wayst

Here are 6 easy tips and swaps that can help you make your Christmas a little greener this year:

  1. Swap plastic tape for paper tape – during the festive period, countries like the UK use roughly 6+ million rolls of sellotape, more than enough to go to the moon and back! Why not try swapping your plastic tape for some paper tape? We love this paper tape by Life Unplastic.

  2. Opt for experience gifts –  every year, Brits spend a combined total of around £700 million on unwanted presents, and guess where those end up? If it's not the back of your cupboard, it's the bin. Try gifting your friends and family with experiences, and if they don't end up using them at least it won't end up being thrown away! We love Groupon for gifting 2 or 3 course meals, or why not try gifting our virtual Christmas coffee workshop?

  3. Gift consumable presents – experience gifts aren't the only way to go, especially if you have a lower budget. Why not try gifts that have to be consumed? There are plenty of ethical, eco-friendly businesses such as Bare Bones Chocolate or Upcircle Beauty. If you're looking for something coffee-related, why not try gifting our plastic-free coffee Taster Pack?

  4. Switch to eco-friendly Christmas crackers - for many people, Christmas celebrations wouldn't be complete without traditional Christmas crackers. However, those bits of plastic that often appear in most crackers often end up being thrown away, ending up as unnecessary plastic pollution. Try switching to a plastic-free alternative - we love the selection at Nancy & Betty!

  5. Use up all your leftover food - approximately 7 million tonnes of food is wasted during Christmas each year. 2 million turkeys, 5 million Christmas puddings, and 74 million mince pie get disposed while still edible. Why not try out some of Jamie Oliver's leftover recipes, or download Olio, an app that allows you to connect with your neighbours to share food and other things. 

  6. Recycle or replant your Christmas tree - a total of 6 million Christmas trees are said to be discarded every year. Why not try recycling or planting your Christmas tree? You can find your nearest Christmas tree recycling location through Recycle Now, or to find out how to replant your Christmas tree, check out Martha Stewart's tips.

 We hope you find these eco-friendly Christmas tips useful, and we wish you all a safe and happy festive season!

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